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Keep the family safe by only using 100% antibacterial cutting boards in the kitchen

Are Fab Slabs Cutting Boards “The World's Most Hygienic Cutting boards”? They have been Tested and Endorsed by NATA for Bacterial Resistance

Product Description:

Camphor Laurel cutting boards have been described as Mother Nature’s best food preparation surface because of its naturally antibacterial properties. Not only are they the best surface for chopping and cutting they are also ideal for serving platters and kinder on your knives.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fab Slabs Cutting Boards are GERM and VIRUS FREE Our boards have been tested by a NATA approved laboratory for the effects of the top four food bacteria E.coli, Staph, Salmonella and Listeria. Extensive laboratory tests were conducted on ten-year-old, seven-year-old and brand-new wooden cutting boards, voluntarily submitted by Organic Designs. The tests revealed ZERO bacteria growth of these bacteria were found.

  • Fab Slabs Cutting Boards are CHEMICAL FREE No chemicals are used in any stage of production of our boards

  • Fab Slabs Cutting Boards are 100% Hand Made in Australia

  • Fab Slabs Cutting Boards only use timber that is Kiln Dried – This is a very important factor with cutting boards as it's kills all borers and other such things

  • Fab Slabs Cutting Boards are produced from one piece of timber – This means there are no joins to crack or split.

  • Fab Slabs Curring Boads offer a Laser Engraving Service to personalise your board.

  • Bottom line is that Fab Slabs Cutting Boards & and Grazing Platters are a leading product within the food preparation sector.

  • So, why would you want to buy a competitor product after reading that?

    You need no other reason to buy this product but the health and wellbeing of your family and friends.

    Cutting Board Care:

      • Wash your cutting board in hot soapy water after using it for cutting or serving.
      • Dry the cutting board and put it away.
      • When it looks dry, oil it lightly with an edible oil. We recommend grapeseed oil.

    Do Not:

      • Put the cutting board in the dishwasher
      • Leave out in the sun
      • Leave soaking in water
      • And there is no need to rub salt or lemon into the board. Your Fab Slabs board is naturally antibacterial already and does not need salt or lemon to kill any germs.
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