Product Description

A complete, superior whey protein that is rapidly absorbed by the body. High in nutrients and rich in Essential and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). From grass fed cows that graze on lush organic pastures in New Zealand and in turn produce some of the best milk in the world. In harmony with nature. As it should be.


2-3 Unique Points 

A Protein Powder Like No Other.

*Certified Organic New Zealand Whey - More than Grass Fed / Natural / GMO Free
Superior whey protein, highest grade with >80% protein. Transparancy and traceability from soil to end product and audited by a third party to ensure organic quality is maintaned. No GMO, pesticides, hormones or hidden ingredients.

*Truely Clean Protein
Contains only 1 pure ingredient for maximum potency. No artificial flavours and preservatives, added sugar, GMO, lecithin or other fillers.

*Nutritionally Superior
A complete protein source with 32g of protein per serve. Rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids and Glutathione (The mother of all antioxidants). Assists you with overall wellbeing (including hair, skin and nails, strengthening immunity, and building and maintaining bone and muscle mass).

Suggested Use

Mix powder with your liquid of choice e.g. dairy/ plant milk, coconut or water (chilled or at room temperature). Shake or blend well. Optionally blend with fruit to make a power smoothie.
A versatile base for your favourite healthy shakes, smoothies or blended into oats, pancakes, protein balls, healthy treats and many more. Ideal component of a long term, active and organic weight management lifestyle.


Suggested Age

Enjoyed by consumers of various ages and lifestyles. (From people living an active lifestyle through to the elderly). For specific dietary advice please consult with your healthcare practitioner.


Other Ingredients

Uniquely containing only one ingredient. Pure Whey Protein concentrate. Nutritionally superior, Inca Organics does not use fillers or added flavours in their product range.